MFS brackets

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MFS brackets with indywidual torque patented by Professor Jose Duran von Arx, head of the Orthodontics Department at the University of Barcelona.

Prize: GIRSO Groupement International pour la Recherche Scientifique en Stomatologie et Odontologie for Torque Indywidualiztion.

Orthodontic brackets are available in 6 different tork prescriptions, calculated for the upper incisor (25, 20, 15, 10, 5, 0 torque degree). For upper premolars tork + 5 degrees for brachiofacial patients, tork -5 degrees for dolichofacial patients and tork 0 degrees for mesofacial patients is available. The brackets for the lower teeth are available with a prescription of 0, 5, -5 degrees torque for the lower incisors. The torque for the premolars in the lower arch is -12 degree for first premolar and -17 for second premolar. Additionally, it is possible to order the upper canines in the prescription of -5, 0 +5 degrees and the lower canines in the prescription of -10 -5, 0 +5 degrees. The metalic brackets it is the 0.18 slot and the copolymer aesthetic clear click brackets it is the 0.20 slot. They are sold in sets of 10 brackets per set. 1.The price of 1 set of 10 metalic brackets for 1 arch is 34 euro plus shipping costs.

2. The price of 1 set of 10 aesthetic brackets for 1 arch is 178 euro plus shipping costs To calculate the individual tork needed for a patient case, the Individual Tork Calculation training course is suggested( you can purchase on online in our shop).

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