Exercising with MFS stimulators helped my daughter begin to breathe properly through her nose, which she had had a huge problem with so far. We used many methods of treating this disorder, but only the MFS method brought the expected results. I am glad that we managed to find a specialist using this method.
My son grind his teeth at night, the pediatrician's suspicion fell on parasites. Parasite examination have not confirmed this. We found a neurologopedist who, after examination, found increased masseter muscle tone, recommended the use of a MFS stimulators to counteract night clenching of the masseter muscles and grinding.
When my daughter was eight she has problems with bite and speech. The orthodontist said that it is too soon for treatment and that we have to wait for all permanent teeth. When we came to the doctor who dealt with functional treatment, it turned out that she had habitual mouth breathing, incorrect tongue positions and weakened muscles. The functional therapy with stimulators brought great results both in improving my daughter's bite and speech.
I wore the MFS stimulator because I had a lot of headache, masseter muscle and neck pain problems. My dentist initially recommended using an anti-bruxismus stimulator at night and sent me to a physical therapist. After the reconstruction of the teeth with atrition, I still wear the mfs stimulator several times a week, I do the exercises recommended by the physiotherapist. The problems are gone.
I recommend functional treatment with MFS stimulators to all parents who want their children to be treated causally and not symptomatically.

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