Instrument for myofascial release technique post frenulotomy

It is used for the therapy of tongue function before as pre-treatment procedure and after the phrenotomy of the sublingual frenulum. The sublingual frenotomy procedure is only the beginning to improve the function of the muscles of the tongue, especially the genio-glossus (GG) muscle. It is the largest muscle of external  tongue muscles, its function is, among other things, to maintain the resting position of the tongue on the palate and efficiently generate negative pressure inside the mouth. The GG muscle also takes part in each inhalation, pulling the tongue forward, enlarging the breathing space, and interacts with the remaining external and internal muscles of the tongue.

 A muscle that has remained in limited mobility for a long time due to a shortened sublingual frenulum causes:

  •  shortening of the myofascial structures,
  • limiting their length,
  • reducing strength, shrinkage ability and endurance

Moreover, the process of wound healing after surgery always leads to its shrinkage in process called  “wound contraction”. Shrinking sometimes leads to distortion and even restriction of the range of motion. You will find more information about the treatment technique and the period of recommended rehabilitation during the training “ Strategies to obtain tongue mobility. From preparation through frenulotomy and postoperative management using the  instrument associated myofascial release technique on Modular training”.


How to do it – video tutorial

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