Clinical observation of the importance of the motor functions of the oral cavity, especially in the period of growth and development, gave impetus to the creation of muscle stimuli as the basis for the treatment of impaired motor functions of the oral cavity.

Programmed stimulation based on the assessment of the motor functions of the oral cavity based on the objective measurement of the size of the narrowing of the nostrils, the degree of adenoid and tonsil hypertrophy, tongue mobility and swallowing patterns include the use of stimulators included in the MFS stimulators according to the order of re-educated disorders aimed at the normalization of three functions oral cavity: breathing, swallowing, and decreased or increased muscle tone. Stimulators are the basis of the Preventive orthodontic program in the field of the effectiveness of the motor functions of the oral cavity, both in growing patients and in patients  during a therapy with fixed appliances. They are recommended especially for therapy of the oral cavity and the health of the upper respiratory tract of a small patient. The presented stimulators can be used to support  the treatment of snoring, sleep apnea and bruxism.

The kit offers a wide range of therapeutic stimulators. This is a new clinical approach that results in new treatment perspectives. The MFS set consists of 8 separate stimulators, seven of which are available in 6 different sizes and one in 7 sizes. All stimulators of the MULTIFUNCTION KIT are sanitary class 1 products that meet the REGULATIONS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION on sanitary products.

The set of MFS function regulators was created by Professor Jose Duran Von Arx, head of the Medical University of Barcelona, ​​head of the World Orthodontic Institute in Barcelona. It is used with positive effects in the world.

 The system is becoming more popular among orthodontists, dentists, ENT specialists, neurologists, neurologopedists and speech therapists. Personally, I am pleased with the growing number of supporters and enthusiasts of functional treatment. For several years of cooperation with the professor and the World Institute of Orthodontics, creating a training program, a group of trained therapists was created to help patients with disturbed motor functions of the oral cavity: breathing, swallowing, and muscle tension. Currently, we also conduct on-line training in the philosophy of MFS orthodontic treatment, as well as torque indywidualization .

Yours sincerely
DDS Monika Ośko